How do I choose a kit?

When in-game, simply type “/kit“ or “/kit kitname”. You can see in the menu which kits you are able to use. We have a weekly free kit rotation of three kits. In the kit menu you can also redeem kit vouchers.

What do I get for kills, winning, participating?

You will build up a profile which can be viewed here on the website. You will also earn tokens which can be used to open chests that contain several goodies. If you win you get 4 tokens per player in the game. If you get to the top 5 you will get 2 tokens per player. Top 10 you get 1 token per player. For each kill you also get 4 tokens. Lastly, quests will give you a bunch of tokens. But you can only complete a limited amount of quests per day or week.

What do I get from the chests?

From the chests you can get coins, kit vouchers - which allow you to play a kit a certain amount of times - or kit Designs, Prototypes and Blueprints. The latter three can be used to craft a permanent kit. All of these items can be traded on our player-to-player market in the /hub.

This kit is unfair, overpowered or silly. Can I make a suggestion to change it?

Absolutely, in fact – please do! Player feedback helps us shape our changes which will hopefully benefit our players. Please go to the discord, and post in the “Kit Discussion” channel with the proposed suggestions.

How do I track people and use my compass?

In order to track, you need to update your compass. To update your compass, you right click it on a block, in chat it will say “Compass pointing at WiKi_KiKi”. Follow your compass until the arrow turns around, at that point you're at the exact position of WiKi_KiKi when you tracked them, so chances are – he is right above or below you! To keep updating, you need to keep right clicking your compass.

My compass says there are no valid targets, what does this mean?

This occurs when you are within 25 blocks of your enemy. To find your enemies position, you can walk away 25 blocks and then update your compass once again. When you track them on your compass, don’t update your compass again! Keep following your compass. When it turns, look up and down. They may be above or below you!

I’m an MVP/PRO, but I lost my starting items when I respawned. What do I do?

Well – not a lot. If you chose to be a kit such as Monk, Endermage or Urgal then you probably wont be able to get your starting item back. PRO's get to keep the kit items that they have in their inventory.

Can I go the Nether/The End in the Hunger Games?

Nope! The End and the Nether are disabled in the servers so you cannot hide in the nether.

Can I mine diamonds and redstone in the Hunger Games?

Nope. Diamond and Redstone ore have been removed from the generator. However, you can obtain diamonds...

How do I obtain Diamonds if they cannot be mined?

Diamonds can be obtained through Villagers, abandoned mineshafts and sand-temples.

What’s the feast, and why is it so important?

The feast starts 12 minutes into the game. At the feast, lots of goodies are spawned in 12 chests. There is also an enchanting table in the middle. Inside the chests, you will find diamond goodies – such as swords, and diamond armor. You'll also find other useful items such as lots of food, ender pearls, TNT, and many potions! Because of how game changing the feast is, it’s vital you get there! However, there’ll be several other people trying to get to the feast, hoping to get the contents…