When you hit your target. you get your arrow back.

Starting items:

- 1 Bow Punch I

When you kill a mob. or player, you get. Nausea II. and Strength II. for 20 seconds. When applied:. +2 hearts of damage are. applied before critical hit. armor and are applied.

Your fist deals. the same amount of damage. as a stone sword. All sword damage you get. is reduced by half a heart. The reduction is applied. before armor and critical hit. Therefore the benefit. decreases with armor. and is great against crits.

If you hit someone. they get. Starvation I for 3 seconds. If you are hungry you eat. your opponents when. you hit them. Your food level is increased. You can try to tame your own cat!

Starting items:

- 1 Cat Spawn Egg

- 1 Raw Fish

Hit a mob to turn into it. When you are attacked. or you attack a player. your disguise is lost!

You receive. a new batch of potions. every 10 minutes which deals 6 hearts which reduces damage by half a heart for 3:00.

Starting items:

- Instant Damage II potion

- Weakness I potion

- Poison II potion 0:16

Wheat and Saplings grow instantly. when planted. Great for tower teams as. you can provide food and wood.

Starting items:

- 1 Wooden Hoe

When you place. a stone pressure plate. over gravel it turns. into a landmine!. Do not step on your. own pressure plate!. You can cook stone. and dig new gravel.

Starting items:

- 8 Gravel

- 8 Stone Pressure Plates

When you place. a dragon egg it creates. a 5*4*5 hole beneath.

Starting items:

- 6 Dragon Eggs

When you sneak,. you charge up for a launch!. Sneak for 5 seconds. to charge fully. and when you release,. any players within 2.5 blocks. will be launched into the sky. Victims can sneak. to not get launched.

When you place your portal. any players within 3 blocks. away from you on any height. will be teleported to you. Portal stays for 3 seconds. or until teleport.

Starting items:

- 1 Portal

You are immune to fire and lava. Great against opponents. with flint and steel.

Starting items:

- 1 Water Bucket

You can catch players. and drag them towards you. You can jump over a cliff. and drag someone in.

Starting items:

- 1 Fishing Rod

When you hit someone with. a snowball, they are surrounded. with packed ice. You can prevent. people from running away. The ice disappears after 5 seconds.

Starting items:

- 16 Freezer Balls

You get Speed II. when you walk over snow. When you throw a snowball. a layer of snow. lands on its spot. When you break snow. you get 2 snowballs.

Starting items:

- 10 Snowballs

You can easily hit. people off towers.

Starting items:

- 1 Stick with Knockback II

Ender Pearls do no damage to you.

Starting items:

- 6 Ender Pearls

Grass Blocks you place. disappear when someone. comes close to them. Great for trapping. unknowing victims. You can craft new grass with. seeds and dirt.

Starting items:

- 10 Grass Blocks

When you break a log,. all logs above break and drop. You can make traps and. big buildings with this.

Starting items:

- 1 Wooden Axe

You can start mining quickly Efficiency II and Unbreaking II.

Starting items:

- 1 Stone Pickaxe with

- 5 Apples

When you hit your opponent with. your magic wand, the item in. their hand is replaced with. a random item in their inventory. 60s cooldown.

Starting items:

- 1 Magic Wand

When you are in water,. you get into your. element and get. Strength II and Speed II. You can breathe under water.

When you hit someone with your. Death Scythe, they get Wither I. They cannot see their hearts well. and get wither damage.

Starting items:

- 1 Death Scythe

When applied:. +20% speed for 1:00. You get a new batch of potions. every 10 minutes.

Starting items:

- 2 Splash Potions of Swiftness I

When you hit an enemy. there is a 1/3 chance. they get Slowness I. for 4 seconds.

When you hit the ground. players within 3 blocks. get your fall damage. Your maximum fall damage. is 2 hearts. If the victim is sneaking. they take a maximum of. two hearts of damage.

You get a random kit. at the start of the game.

Starting items:

- 1 Random kit

When you hit someone with your snowball. you switch places.

Starting items:

- 10 Snowballs

When you click with your hammer. on the ground a lightning bolt. strikes and deals 2 hearts. Burning netherrack appears. at the highest block. except at y=128. Restriking the netherrack. will make it explode!

Starting items:

- 1 Thor's Hammer

While you sneak you do not take more. damage than one heart per hit. You cannot attack while sneaking. Blocking halves it to 1/2 heart.

When applied:. +2 hearts of damage are. applied before critical hit. and armor are calculated. for 1:30.

Starting items:

- 2 Potions of Strength II

When you kill a player or a mob. you get full health. When you kill a player. with full health you get. a potion of Instant Damage II. Instant Damage heals you.

When you hit someone,. there is a 1/3. chance they get. Poison for 4 seconds.